Mar 20

Common and Uncommon Causes of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are one of the ugly looking skin deformities that one could have. They could appear in different sizes, shapes and colors. Consider yourself lucky if your stretch mark is only composed of a fine, white to almost faint, line.

But what if it becomes darker, thicker and deeper in appearance? Yes indeed, the presence of stretch marks would indeed scare the hell out of people most especially to the lives of women.

Why do stretch marks appear?

From the name itself, stretch marks would appear due to ‘stretching’. When one portion of the skin is stretched for a long time, this would cause the skin’s integrity to break.

Once this skin junction weakens, it would create a small, canal-like lines on the skin similar to the appearance of a small river.

Sometimes it would be hard to remove these stretch marks but good thing that in the present, there are now products that would be able to remove or decrease its presence.

But if you are wondering that if sudden stretching would cause the appearance of the stretch marks on your skin, you don’t have to worry since stretch marks only appear if your skin has been stretch for a long period of time.

Such prolong stretching most of the time would indicate that a certain area under that skin has accumulated fats or an increase in the muscle size. Thus, most stretch marks are well correlated with growing larger in size.

What are the common areas for stretch marks?

abdomenThe most common areas for stretch marks are those body parts that are prone to stretching and growing. A common area of stretch mark formation would be the abdomen since fat accumulation from the food that we eat would commonly go down here.

This increase in abdominal girth would be compensated by the skin by stretching and the eventual appearance of stretch marks. Pregnancy would also be one of the factors why stretch marks along the belly region would appear.

Other areas for stretch marks would be the buttocks, the hips and the thighs since some of the excess calories that a person would eat would also be deposited here.

Some stretch marks are physiological which means that they normally appear without even eating or getting pregnant.

These types of stretch marks would be due to the growth of a person and these can be found around the areas of the knees and elbows.

So if your skin is genetically prone to stretching, then at puberty you may be able to see the presence of these stretch marks along these areas.

Other Causes

Aside from the mentioned above, some stretch marks could also be a cause of concern since its presence could be a sign of an underlying disease.

For example, Cushing’s disease or the chronic use of topic steroids would also predispose a person to have stretch marks.

But for most of the time, it is just due to stretching. If it bothers you that much then going to a dermatologist to seek for help would do you no harm.

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